Dear Sacred One,

I developed this program out of my 17 years of helping women to find their voice. The S.W.E.E.T. Sacred Feminine Success Path CORE Intensive will help you increase your self-confidence, heal and re-activate your throat centre, and clear your emotional and energetic blocks to being seen and heard.

As you clear what no longer serves you, your gifts, power and voice will become clearer and stronger. Through this program, you will begin to create/open a clear energetic and physical pathway through which your gifts, power and voice will be able to flow through your body into your relationships in all aspects of your life.

What Has Happened For People Who Took This Program:

  • Increased Self-Confidence in your client enrolment conversations, networking, speaking and client sessions.
  • Stronger, Clearer Voice that can even heal people as they listen to you.
  • Improved Communications with more clarity and connection, in your personal and business relationships.
  • Get beyond the hold that self-doubt and fear have had on you for this and other lifetimes about becoming recognized, seen, heard, and appreciated for your innate gifts and positive qualities.
  • Become a pure channel for healing energy to flow through (if you’re already doing this, the power of it will increase).
  • Attract Clients More Easily.
  • Increased Client Results.
  • Throat Chakra Healing.
Life has been very full for me these past few months moving me fully into my life’s purpose. In the past few months I have healed the root of the pain and grief I have held onto from many lifetimes ago. I’ve set up my own website, created videos for YouTube, and attended numerous healing circles in my community. I’ve also been facilitating healing sessions combining sound and reflexology and I was invited to participate in the 2012 Love Festival in Ancaster. I am now back home, building my business in a way that best serves my needs and the needs of the community. I’m feeling more connected to my singing and drumming than ever before. I remember when I was working on a gentleman and I was singing as I held his feet in my hands and the sounds just flowed through me like water, I could feel the energy moving through my body and he commented afterwards about how he could feel the chi flowing through his body. In that moment I knew I was doing what I came here to do. It is my connection with you Brenda that helped me to move through all of these experiences I have had this year. From the beautiful spiritual journey I had to Sedona with my partner in April, meeting the Native Guide who took us on a medicine walk and to Shaman’s Cave allowing me to sing and drum in the cave, to celebrating my birthday with you at the circle in June… This year has given me the perfect balance of quality time with family, friends, colleagues and community. I have strengthened my skills to prepare me for the future. You have inspired me in ways that I could not have imagined. I am so excited about this coming new year and I am ready to spread my wings and share my gifts! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your guidance and I hope to see you in the New Year.
Denise Latullipe


You Will Receive Brenda’s Sacred Feminine Success Path CORE Teachings On The Following Topics:

  • The Power of Medicine Songs & How to Use It (even if you think you can’t sing) for confidence-building, expressing your voice, power and spirit.
  • The Medicine of Silence. Deep Listening exercises and teachings to help you increase your spiritual gifts, deepen your relationship with YOU, and improve your communications with others.
  • Your Sacred Story and Your Voice. How to express who you are – and your sacred point of view – so that you are seen, heard, rewarded and recognized.
  • How to Use Your Voice as Sacred Medicine. Improve all communications as well as physically improving the sound and power of your voice.
  • Brenda’s Most Powerful Breathing Technique to clear and open your physical pathway to being seen and heard the way you want.
  • How to Bring Healing Energy through Your Body and Your Voice.
My greatest challenge was the feeling that I was not worthy enough to have the success I wanted. I also have had a lot of trouble in the past with speaking my truth. I definitely released a lot of negative self energy through working with Brenda. After the sessions I always felt lighter and definitely more alive! Her healing song channeling is something to be experienced, heard and felt. If I was fortunate enough to attend a healing session on the day of a band rehearsal or a performance, I was able to sing better and maintain higher energy levels throughout the day. Brenda is professional, personable and has a calming energy/aura. Every experience with her, whether in a one-on-one mentoring session, private healing session or workshop, is moving and healing. She has an incredible way of putting you at ease and she’s able to intuitively anticipate what is needed. On a career level, Brenda helped me become a more well rounded musician and more self confident as a woman, musician, entrepreneur and facilitator. I drum more often now and have a greater understanding of myself and my own needs. Now I am more intuitive and forgive myself faster, and although I already had an outgoing personality, I am even more confident and I feel more comfortable speaking my truth.
Veronica Johnny

What's In The Program:

  • 5 CORE Training/Activity/Meditation/Healing Audio MP3’s
  • 3 Workbooks
  • 5 Original SFSP Experiential Training/Activity/Meditation/Healing Audio MP3’s
  • BONUS #1: 7 Additional Experiential Training/Activity/Meditation/Healing Audio MP3’s
  • BONUS #2: Email Access to Brenda for 6 weeks

Upgraded Program Coming Soon!

Pay In Full $497